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I avoid spoilers up to a point. But that point has been reached! The first clip (not a promo) of the first new ep has been posted! It's under the cut for those who want to skip it but I'm dying here! I won't tell you what is happening, but it's so wonderful to see Reese and Finch walking and talking in a scene I've never seen before! I want to make screen grabs and icons and do fanart!!! I want the whole episode!

This is like what they've been doing since last year, posting an early scene from the ep for us to see ahead of time. I am soooo happy!

under the cut )
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Busy day today. I've been reading more fics and also writing, working on my "Turning Like the Sky" story while stopping to do a little more research to get it finished. I don't want to dwell on the case aspect that much but you can't do a build up and then ignore it all to get to the fun part all the time.

Here's the next chapter, which is a lot more pleasant than the first two at least: http://archiveofourown.org/works/968828/chapters/1908921