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Hi. Is anyone else experiencing times when it's not possible to post on livejournal? I keep clicking on the "update journal" page to post but the button "post to AprilValentine" is often greyed out. It happens very frequently and this time it's been this way since last night. It wouldn't be so bad because I can always update via Dreamwidth, for my own journal. But I need to post on Crack_van -- and I can't! Frustrating!!

If you've had the same issues, let me know.

Also, almost Happy New Year wishes to all my friends!
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I looked at Yidio both online on my laptop and also downloaded the app for it on my iPad last night, thinking I might be able to find some shows that weren't on HuluPlus, without having to pay for another service like Netflix or something else. What a crock. First, when you download the app, apparently you don't watch the shows via Yidio itself, but always have to download another player which you could have just downloaded in the first place. For example, to watch a past ep of General Hospital, I had to download the ABC app. No big deal, fine. But they advertized they had the 2009 version of The Prisoner with Jim Caviezel and I really have wanted to see that. Looking at the listing on Yidio, I could see that some eps were both free and on iTunes for purchase, others just for purchase on iTunes. I thought I'd try the first ep which apparently was both on something called "Crackle," another player, and iTunes. So I downloaded Crackle. It's difficult to work in the first place -- you'd think if you selected a show on Yidio and it switched you to another app, then that show would play without having to search for it, but no. So I had to type in The Prisoner on Crackle too.

But get this -- instead of showing me what they totally had listed as the J. J. Abrams 2009 version of The Prisoner with Jim Caviezel, what played was a lovely sharp rendition of the original 1960s version with Patrick McGoohan! I tried twice, thinking maybe I'd clicked on the wrong version, but no. Sure, it would be great to revisit that old show that's a classic, but that's not what I wanted to watch. WTF? I suppose if I go to iTunes and pay I'd get the actual show I wanted to see. Hmph. Maybe I'll get a 1960s ep of General Hospital next time too.

Tried to contact Yidio since there's no way to contact stupid "Crackle" and had to send Yidio an email. I'll have to wait to see if/when they respond. What a waste of time and space on my iPad, as far as I'm concerned. Other shows also have to be either paid for or use another app, so as far as I can see, all Yidio does is tell you what's on tv right now (which you can find out from looking at your tv) and show you shows that are all available online somewhere, many of which you have to pay for but that isn't clear until you click on them. They have no way to organize the types of shows by genre or network, as Hulu does, or even the way Amazon Prime does, and they want you to "link" your Amazon Prime account to them for some reason -- why would I bother doing that when I can just use my Amazon Prime account in the first place? Do they need to know what I'm watching on every app or service I have? Really stupid, IMHO.

If anyone knows how this is supposed to work or has had another, better experience with it, let me know. Otherwise, I'm thinking it was a pointless exercise to download it and register.
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I woke up with this fic half written in my head after I spent most of last night torturing myself by reading more fan reviews -- never has any ep been so universally hated on -- and then finding promo pics and an extended preview and then this video on CBS Press.com.

Spoilers ahead. )
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I wrote a new POI fic and posted on AO3. It's the missing scene from Mors Prematura, rinch, established relationship, hurt/comfort.

Just Be Still With Me
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Yesterday I should have done my 30th day in my 30 Days of Blogging but I was feeling crummy at work and when I got home, just went straight to sleep. I woke up around 9:30 and went online a bit for chatting and then signed off with still some time left before midnight, but by then I'd developed a definite migraine.

I do plan to keep on posting regularly, perhaps as [personal profile] draycevixen suggested, three times a week. I'll be commenting on the new episodes of Person of Interest on either Tuesday nights after they air or the following day when I've had a chance to collect my thoughts as well as trying to find interesting stuff to blog about, whether its fandom or my RL activities, crafts or anything else that seems to be not too trivial

I've really enjoyed doing this, and I know that some of the time I didn't exactly blog but only posted a fic that I'd done, but hey... it was something, right?

It's Saturday and I haven't had much to do. I'm watching "BUtterfield 8" which Elizabeth Taylor won an Academy Award for, though she and Eddie Fisher hated the film. She plays a call girl or "slut" as she refers to herself, whose phone exchange is Butterfield 8, hence the title. Susan Oliver plays Liz's character's childhood friend, played by Eddie Fisher. I met Susan Oliver at Bi-Centenial-10 Convention in NYC in 1976. It was the first performance of the Omicron Ceti Three and we won a third prize trohpy for "You're My Home, Entereprise" to the tune of John Denver's "Country Roads" in the Costume Call. When we took the stage again to get our trophy -- to the applause of 5,000 fans in the ballroom, I might add, Susan Oliver who was one of the judges complemented us. "Your song lyrics were so sincere," she told me. And I replied, "Star Trek fans are very sincere about the show," or some such. Not why I'm watching the movie, it's just what's on TMC right now. Lawrence Harvey is all brooding and his wife is Dina Merrill, trying to deal with his clandestine love for Liz Taylor. But it did bring back that memory of meeting Susan Oliver.

Here's a little pic I thought I'd share. I think it proves that the phenomenon of photo bombing isn't a new thing after all.

 photo o-GEORGE-HARRISON-570_zps1d02625e.jpg
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I thought the episode was really well done, especially since we didn't have a season cliffhanger (except for Root's phone call at the end of God Mode) and it was great to see all the characters involved, to greater or lesser degrees. (Actually, nobody decrees that all final eps of a show for the season have to be cliffhangers. Before "Who Shot J.R.?" they were just regular eps that happened to come last and weren't even considered "finales.")

I was thoroughly enthralled by Root -- she reminded me of Sarah Connor in the psychiatric hospital in Terminator 2. Her shrink, who like Carmichael, doesn't fully grasp what his patient is driving at, kept trying to intimidate her, promising her a visit with her son, only to put her back in solitary, while she kept saying judgement day was coming, all the while doing chin ups in her cell and eventually taking him hostage when she made her escape attempt. That chilling conversation she had where she started enumerating facts about his life and his face got more and more shocked was great.

I liked Carter in the episode and was glad she got a change of clothes, or several of them. I didn't see any flirting or the like between her and Reese, just the usual friendly talk and him being concerned about her demotion. I'd say telling her she looked "badass" wasn't the same kind of compliment than if he'd told her admiringly how hot she looked. At the bar, she flirted with the guy who wanted to buy her a drink and was all business with Reese. I half expected a guy to be in her bedroom when she got home -- thinking, whoa, that would be a shocker! But alas, in her closet was only her own wall of crime, much like Finch's, and it looks like she's got her own agenda going and is still investigating Beecher's death and the other unsolved murders. I do worry that when she learns who really killed those two cops, some serious s*** will be hitting the fan.

When Reese in essence offered her a job so she wouldn't have to walk a beat, she turned him down, with the comment that she's a cop. I think she still prefers the idea of being a cop than being a vigilante. And she wants to bring down those resposible for the deaths and her demotion. Which is probably why she's kept Elias tucked away. I loved her scene with Elias and Scarface -- and Scarface thanking her for saving his boss. One of the reviews I read asked "is it bad that I now ship Carter/Scarface?" lol

I liked the number too. I've seen some comments around here and the web about some numbers not being as interesting or compelling... and yes, they aren't all that way. But I think the thing to remember is that the Machine tells about "irrelevants" about "ordinary people" who will be the victims of crimes, so expecting them all to be fascinating, compelling individuals or important people in their own right is kind of besides the point. This guy was honest and true to himself, as Reese said, and the Machine noted the connection he had to his less than honest buddy, thereby giving us his number. I loved finding out that Reese had his own reasons for going into the military, that we still don't know the full details on and how he counseled Salazar that when the CIA came calling, to say no.

Loved Reese's dead pan humor all through the ep. "Are you guys closed?" recalled his "have you seen the men's room?" to Anton and company back in the pilot. He was hilarious when he realized he was in the midst of a bar fight that he hadn't started. Loved the shoot out at the pawn shop -- that shot of him on the floor, legs spread while firing was one we haven't seen before. He identified with the number, again telling Finch he liked him, and he wanted to see him succeed and get out of trouble. Loved the way he complained about the nearly kidnapped diplomat's son at the beginning: "they never say thank you" and then us getting to see Salazar thank him with a handshake.

I enjoyed Shaw... I think that more than her being there to keep JC from having to do as much of the heavy lifting stunt-wise, they can put Reese into situations that even someone as skilled as he might have difficulty getting out of by himself, like the pawn shop. And her banter with Finch, Reese and Fusco was funny.

I liked Fusco being called to help and to defuse the bomb -- I'm sure they wouldn't have left him if Finch hadn't first learned he knew what he was doing. He was hilarious all mad at being a human shield for Shaw too, but I still say they make a cute couple. I think they'd be an even more adorable odd couple than Reese and Finch do.

Finch wasn't stuck in the Library, he got out and about more than once, which I liked. Loved him hacking into the bad guys' computer on the steps, walking Bear at night and with Reese as they passed by the ship and seeing him drink his boiler maker.

That leads me to saying that most of all I was so happy to see Reese and Finch together again. Just seeing them in the preview scene was enough to make me smile, at seeing our heroes on the job, back to what passes for normal with them since the events of God Mode. That's what was best about this episode, I think. Not just the two of them, but for new and old viewers alike to start the new season on its new night seeing more of the team effort and how the characters, old and new, are fitting together.

But it was an episode where the closeness between Reese and Finch was perfect. They were walking Bear together and discussing the new number. Reese teased Finch about the Fleet being in and what sailors so on shoreleave, to Finch's distaste. And they worked together to save Salazar's friend when he was strapped to the bomb (bombs are a squick of mine and this got to me nearly as much as Reese' bomb vest in Dead Reckoning). Then, at the end, they were together in the bar, having a drink. I'm not sure I totally believe it was Finch's first boiler maker -- it could be but then, I can imagine Nathan trying to convince him to drink one. And Reese's loving smile at Finch when he did pick it up! When John responded to Harold's comment about how he got into the service with that teasing "I never told you" his tone of voice did me in! So they're in a bar, doing what sailors do... what's next? Matching tatoos? They could get each other's names... wait, they don't use their real names. It'll have to be "John" and "Harold."

I am glad to see most fans enjoyed the episode and are glad to be having the show back again.
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Darn! I completely forgot to set my dvr to record the Emmy's. When Ian came to pick me up from work he said that Carried Preston was a presenter! She'd won an Emmy for her guest starring performance on The Good Wife last week at the creative arts Emmys. Bob Newhart did too, and Ian said that he got to present too, with Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon. I figured they might show Carrie Preston and I'd really wanted to watch them when I got home. Shoot. Well, I guess I'll see some of them on YouTube soon.

I finally got to see Richard Burgi's performance on "Devious Maids." He's in episode 4, "Making the Bed" where he plays the brother of Susan Lucci's character, who romanced their maid 20 years ago and then dumped her to marry a rich woman. Now he's divorced and back for a visit, but she's too smart for him this time. Richard plays another not so lovable cad -- wish he wasn't so type cast in these kinds of roles. And he didn't even take his shirt off!

So the "Devious Maids" marathon kept recording but no Emmys. Sigh. At least I've probably got the episode where Brett Cullen is naked.
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Not much to talk about today. An ordinary Saturday where I didn't have anything specific to do and thus, didn't get a lot done. I did watch a colorized version of "Plan 9 from Outer Space" on Hulu. I hadn't seen the Worst Mostion Picture of All Time in a few years and when I saw it was available on Hulu, I thought I'd watch, not that I don't have a VHS copy somewhere around here. Then I noticed it was colorized. While some feel that colorization is a terrible thing to do to classic black and white films, I hardly think that tampering with the vision of a "great artist" like Edward D. Wood Jr by colorizing his film is any kind of sacrilege. Let me put it this way, colorizing the film didn't make it any better. The performances still suck as do the writing, the "special effects" and the plot still makes no sense whatsoever. Hearing a guy in his fifties who's playing an alien (denoted by his wearing a blue silky shirt with puffy sleeves over a pair of tights with black suede boots with tan laces) yell, "You stupid, stupid humans!" is just as hilarious when he's doing it in color. His partner, a woman alien in the same garb, except that her boots are made of tan leather, tries in vain to revive him after the army pilot, police lieutenant and one of the stupid cops, knock him down and set their space ship on fire, while the humans escape and apparently keep the earth safe from invasion. I'll always remember the Golden Turkey Awards description of the movie, how the authors called Tor Johnson, the gigantic police captain who gets killed early on in the movie and then is raised from the dead by the aliens, "the poor man's Sidney Greenstreet." Also, the fact that the film jumps back and forth between day and night and back again isn't improved by the colorization either. Yes, it's still the world's worst movie. Someday I'm going to locate my copy of the Golden Turkey Awards. It makes you want to watch terrible films.
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After writing the 10 fics in 10 days, I feel a little burned out here. And I don't have much to blog about tonight.

Today is September 20. It would be my dad's birthday. He died in 1980, but if he was alive, he'd be 100 today. His birthday's today, my ex husband's is next Friday and mine is the following Friday. We were all in a line, back then. I don't celebrate with my ex anymore, obviously. But I spoke to my son today and said I'd like to go out on my birthday and see that new Sandra Bullock/George Clooney movie, "Gravity" since it's opening on my birthday. So I think that's what we're going to do. I'm not into counting years or anything or having a big do, but going out with family is always nice.

I found out that the Person of Interest cast will be doing autographs at ComicCon -- and to get them you have to be selected in a lottery they are having on FB. You go to the ComicCon FB page and register on Sept. 25. I didn't even see their autograph sessions listed, but I think since they are special -- i.e. the lottery -- they must not have been listed. The big stars like John Barrowman and Shatner aren't on this lottery system. So that is making me feel a little stressed. I think if you don't get in the first time there's a "second chance" lottery. Sigh. It would be nice not to have to stand in a line for hours though, so I'm going to try. I'm not usually an autograph seeker but in this case, I would like to do it. It's not real easy to get a chance to say 'hi' to this cast. When I was watching them film back in March, I didn't approach Jim Caviezel, so if I do get in, it will be nice.

Off to bed to continue to rest up from the writing marathon.
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Well, I survived the Ten in Ten Challenge and today I don't have to write a fic! I really enjoyed doing it and it's gotten me moving on a few of my WIPs that I had lying around.

Here's a break down of the fics I did for it:

Head Games -- some of this one was already written, but I had to work out the action scene after Reese heard the woman screaming.
word count: 1987

Somewhere Between -- the sequel to "Head Games" that takes Reese into a weird place under the NY city streets where he finds some kind of cult.
word count: 2276

Back Rub -- from a prompt on the Meme-of-interest. The longest one I wrote and totally from scratch!
word count: 3259

God Mode Drabble This was my weak spot... I guess after writing "Back Rub" in one fell swoop, I not only couldn't think of a cool title, I couldn't write the next night except to do this little drabble.
word count: 100

Finch's Hobby -- this was from a suggestion from [profile] mamahub. We had just watched "Risk" on the Discussion Forum's summer re-watch chat party and she said she was wondering about whether Finch did the alterations on Reese's suits himself and if so, where he worked on them.
word count: 2233

One Percent Genius... -- Finch's pov and he's not very happy about the watch Logan Pierce gave Reese.
word count: 2312

Turning Like the Sky -- three chapters of a WIP. The first was mostly complete before I posted it, but the other two were completely written for the challenge. I know where it's going so it should be finished soon. Maybe 2 or 3 more chapters to go.
word count: 6954

Bear Knows Best -- instead of doing another chapter of "Turning Like the Sky" I went for fluff. [personal profile] esteefee wanted a happy Bear fic where he "accidentally" gets Reese and Finch together, so that's what I wrote!
word count: 3961

That all adds up to 23,082 of written and posted words in ten days! Only a couple thousand were already written too. So I feel extremely prolific. I used to be able to pour on the steam and just write like this but it's been years. Not having a zine deadline has made me lazy... and I've never entred a big bang for the reason that I wasn't sure I could do it, but I guess this means I could.

I wrote angst, UST, fluff, first time, established relationship, mystery, and humor. Wow. This was fun! Draining, but fun.
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I've reached the end of the Ten in Ten challenge! This one was suggested by Esteefee. It's light and sweet, a first time with Bear's help.

Bear Knows Best
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Busy day today. I've been reading more fics and also writing, working on my "Turning Like the Sky" story while stopping to do a little more research to get it finished. I don't want to dwell on the case aspect that much but you can't do a build up and then ignore it all to get to the fun part all the time.

Here's the next chapter, which is a lot more pleasant than the first two at least: http://archiveofourown.org/works/968828/chapters/1908921
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I avoid spoilers up to a point. But that point has been reached! The first clip (not a promo) of the first new ep has been posted! It's under the cut for those who want to skip it but I'm dying here! I won't tell you what is happening, but it's so wonderful to see Reese and Finch walking and talking in a scene I've never seen before! I want to make screen grabs and icons and do fanart!!! I want the whole episode!

This is like what they've been doing since last year, posting an early scene from the ep for us to see ahead of time. I am soooo happy!

under the cut )
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Today was nice and chilly, starting to seem like fall. It was a good day for a Monday. I came home and read a couple of fics that have been posted and enjoyed them. Then I did break down and watch the first ep of Dancing with the Stars. There was something really wonderful about watching Valerie Harper's dance. Here's what a USA Today article said:

Valerie Harper said she had a problem this week. "Not the cancer," she said. "My sore knee!" She added, "Nothing serious, but strained." She jokingly blamed her "slave driver" partner Tristan MacManus. Harper explained to cameras that she has "always loved dancing" and is happy to have a chance to "perform for people" again. She and Tristan danced a sweet foxtrot, with Valerie smiling and swirling around the dance floor. Of course, they got a standing ovation. "It's good to be alive -- and it's even better to be dancing," she said.

Judges: Bruno said, "How can you criticize a national treasure? You are an inspiration to the nation." He said she was "radiant," and added some suggestions about her frame. Weepy Carrie Ann said she was "setting an amazing example... Yes, you have to work on your spots, but you brought me to tears with your courage." Len praised her "ease and elegance." Scores: 7, 7, 7 = 21

I also enjoyed seeing the Jersey Shore's Snooki, who is using her real name of Nicole now that she's a mom... she's a young girl who's grown up a lot and though I haven't been a fan, who hasn't heard of her. I think she's really showing a classier side of herself these days.

Here's the whole article in case you're interested and missed the show: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/09/16/dancing-with-the-stars-kicks-off-season-17/2823837/

I thought I'd get an entire chapter of my "Turning Like the Sky" fic done today, since I got home and didn't have other stuff to do, but I realized I needed to do some research on the next part and that took some time. The chapter is turning into a case fic, it seems. I posted what's really the first part of chapter two tonight, still a decent length at around 1600 words: http://archiveofourown.org/works/968828/chapters/1905247
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I had a great weekend... though I got up on Saturday much earlier than I get up for work. We had a jewelry flea market at my church to make money for some of our projects in the community. Tons of gorgeous stuff was donated, from cheapo stuff we sold for 25 or 50 cents to nice silver jewelry and some leather handbangs and silk scarves. I helped out during the week by doing some organizing and then came to help sell on Saturday. It was chilly and I'd forgotten a jacket but eventually it got a little warmer when the sun finally came out all the way. We didn't seem to have many customers but we managed to take in nearly two thousand dollars anyway. I think a lot of the spending was by those of us there who came to help out. I got a pair of little grape earrings for my DIL, a tie tack for my son, a couple of things for gifts for others, a pair of CZ stud earrings for only $5 -- and they are really nice with good posts, not cheap nickle/base metal ones so they don't bother my ears, a lovely heart shaped purse mirror with a hand made case and a gorgeous feather ladies hat. It is in brand new condition, the close to the head type of hat from the fifites, with a tag from a now closed store here in town, Hutzlers It was donated by a 90 year old man in choir; it belonged to his late wife, and when I found out it was hers, I eagerly bought it. I will possibly use it with a steampunk outfit at some point, but right now it's sitting on dislpay on my entertainment center! I went to church today and since choir has started again, we sang. We're trying to get more people to join and we had a few come up with us to help us do a lovely arrangement of "Amazing Grace" -- which of course has Star Trek connotations.

Speaking of Trek, I got my copy of Into Darkness this week, but since I have my Amazon deliveries go to my DIL's office now, I didn't get it til Saturday. I watched the special features on the blu ray that night and started the movie but fell asleep before it ended -- I did see it in the theater at least and will watch again later.

After church, I did lunch with some friends -- and I wasn't the oldest this time. That was fun and it's good to get out socially, even if it's with people who aren't fans, lol.

I decided to use a fic I've been working on as my Ten in Ten, and post the next chapters/parts of it in the coming few days. I'm not sure if it will be complete by then but as I'm having no trouble rocking along with these fics every night, it shouldn't be long.

I've titled it "Turning Like the Sky" which will make sense eventually. In this first chapter, Reese takes Zoe up to the penthouse in the hotel, but things don't go as planned. This is going to be an agnsty fic, folks. Hope you enjoy.

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I had an easier time of things today. Though I didn't start writing until evening, I knew where I was going and the fic came easily. Not a first time, this one shows us Harold's more private reaction to the watch Logan Pierce gave John. This is just Harold's pov... I don't totally subscribe to the John willingly always submitting to Finch, but that he's glad to when it suits him and when it's good for Finch. On other occasions, if I were to continue this universe, I can see them taking turns, so to speak. Enjoy!

One Percent Genius...
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I did much better tonight, even though I finished just in time due to having to take a nap after work, but I love this one... havent' really check for mistakes since it's so close to deadline, but I promise to go over it again tomorrow. I have to get up way early in the morning to help with a jewelry flea market we're doing at church -- not sure why I volunteered to be there at 7 a.m. but there you go.

At any rate, I offer "Finch's Hobby" set after the end of Risk. It's another take on the tailor!Finch idea but with a twist.

For [profile] mamahub from her plot bunny. It's Reese/Finch, first time, explicit.

Finch's Hobby )
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Well, I'm half way through the 30 day challenge and hanging on by my fingernails with this 10 in 10 challenge. Fell asleep last night before I got this posted but I don't feel I'm cheating, lol. Just a little Reese POV drabble from God Mode today:

"You know almost everything that’s happening and you won’t tell me the one thing I need."

I hear Shaw saying something about taking me to the funny farm, but she’s not important. Nothing is, but him. And again, you won’t help me. I said if she calls, don’t answer. But he answered. Sent me to Thornhill’s… to have me arrested to keep me away. But it won’t work and he knows it. He has his reasons. I know that. I trust that. I trust him -- Don't know what this is doing to me? Dammit,help me find him!


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