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Today's entry is in honor of Michael Emerson, a fine actor I've come to love in the past year. I was slightly familiar with him before discovering Person of Interest, but hadn't really gotten to know him. He's very talented, very cute and a wonderful person as well, I admire his talent and his dedication to causes for the LGTB community and the world of theatre. His portrayal of Mr. Finch on POI has sparked my imagination and is endlessly fascinating. I found this pic online, originating, I believe on his fan website.

 photo 20_profile_emerson_main01_zpsad6212a3.jpg
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I posted this yesterday on my lj, forgetting that I'd need to post it manually here since it didn't originate on DW.

I'd always wanted to see some of Michael Emerson's artwork and someone posted some the other day on Tumblr. He was an illustrator before going back into the acting profession and I wondered what his style was. Seems it was black and white and... eery!

Look under the cut. )