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Well, I survived the Ten in Ten Challenge and today I don't have to write a fic! I really enjoyed doing it and it's gotten me moving on a few of my WIPs that I had lying around.

Here's a break down of the fics I did for it:

Head Games -- some of this one was already written, but I had to work out the action scene after Reese heard the woman screaming.
word count: 1987

Somewhere Between -- the sequel to "Head Games" that takes Reese into a weird place under the NY city streets where he finds some kind of cult.
word count: 2276

Back Rub -- from a prompt on the Meme-of-interest. The longest one I wrote and totally from scratch!
word count: 3259

God Mode Drabble This was my weak spot... I guess after writing "Back Rub" in one fell swoop, I not only couldn't think of a cool title, I couldn't write the next night except to do this little drabble.
word count: 100

Finch's Hobby -- this was from a suggestion from [profile] mamahub. We had just watched "Risk" on the Discussion Forum's summer re-watch chat party and she said she was wondering about whether Finch did the alterations on Reese's suits himself and if so, where he worked on them.
word count: 2233

One Percent Genius... -- Finch's pov and he's not very happy about the watch Logan Pierce gave Reese.
word count: 2312

Turning Like the Sky -- three chapters of a WIP. The first was mostly complete before I posted it, but the other two were completely written for the challenge. I know where it's going so it should be finished soon. Maybe 2 or 3 more chapters to go.
word count: 6954

Bear Knows Best -- instead of doing another chapter of "Turning Like the Sky" I went for fluff. [personal profile] esteefee wanted a happy Bear fic where he "accidentally" gets Reese and Finch together, so that's what I wrote!
word count: 3961

That all adds up to 23,082 of written and posted words in ten days! Only a couple thousand were already written too. So I feel extremely prolific. I used to be able to pour on the steam and just write like this but it's been years. Not having a zine deadline has made me lazy... and I've never entred a big bang for the reason that I wasn't sure I could do it, but I guess this means I could.

I wrote angst, UST, fluff, first time, established relationship, mystery, and humor. Wow. This was fun! Draining, but fun.
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I've reached the end of the Ten in Ten challenge! This one was suggested by Esteefee. It's light and sweet, a first time with Bear's help.

Bear Knows Best
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Today was nice and chilly, starting to seem like fall. It was a good day for a Monday. I came home and read a couple of fics that have been posted and enjoyed them. Then I did break down and watch the first ep of Dancing with the Stars. There was something really wonderful about watching Valerie Harper's dance. Here's what a USA Today article said:

Valerie Harper said she had a problem this week. "Not the cancer," she said. "My sore knee!" She added, "Nothing serious, but strained." She jokingly blamed her "slave driver" partner Tristan MacManus. Harper explained to cameras that she has "always loved dancing" and is happy to have a chance to "perform for people" again. She and Tristan danced a sweet foxtrot, with Valerie smiling and swirling around the dance floor. Of course, they got a standing ovation. "It's good to be alive -- and it's even better to be dancing," she said.

Judges: Bruno said, "How can you criticize a national treasure? You are an inspiration to the nation." He said she was "radiant," and added some suggestions about her frame. Weepy Carrie Ann said she was "setting an amazing example... Yes, you have to work on your spots, but you brought me to tears with your courage." Len praised her "ease and elegance." Scores: 7, 7, 7 = 21

I also enjoyed seeing the Jersey Shore's Snooki, who is using her real name of Nicole now that she's a mom... she's a young girl who's grown up a lot and though I haven't been a fan, who hasn't heard of her. I think she's really showing a classier side of herself these days.

Here's the whole article in case you're interested and missed the show: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/09/16/dancing-with-the-stars-kicks-off-season-17/2823837/

I thought I'd get an entire chapter of my "Turning Like the Sky" fic done today, since I got home and didn't have other stuff to do, but I realized I needed to do some research on the next part and that took some time. The chapter is turning into a case fic, it seems. I posted what's really the first part of chapter two tonight, still a decent length at around 1600 words: http://archiveofourown.org/works/968828/chapters/1905247
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I had a great weekend... though I got up on Saturday much earlier than I get up for work. We had a jewelry flea market at my church to make money for some of our projects in the community. Tons of gorgeous stuff was donated, from cheapo stuff we sold for 25 or 50 cents to nice silver jewelry and some leather handbangs and silk scarves. I helped out during the week by doing some organizing and then came to help sell on Saturday. It was chilly and I'd forgotten a jacket but eventually it got a little warmer when the sun finally came out all the way. We didn't seem to have many customers but we managed to take in nearly two thousand dollars anyway. I think a lot of the spending was by those of us there who came to help out. I got a pair of little grape earrings for my DIL, a tie tack for my son, a couple of things for gifts for others, a pair of CZ stud earrings for only $5 -- and they are really nice with good posts, not cheap nickle/base metal ones so they don't bother my ears, a lovely heart shaped purse mirror with a hand made case and a gorgeous feather ladies hat. It is in brand new condition, the close to the head type of hat from the fifites, with a tag from a now closed store here in town, Hutzlers It was donated by a 90 year old man in choir; it belonged to his late wife, and when I found out it was hers, I eagerly bought it. I will possibly use it with a steampunk outfit at some point, but right now it's sitting on dislpay on my entertainment center! I went to church today and since choir has started again, we sang. We're trying to get more people to join and we had a few come up with us to help us do a lovely arrangement of "Amazing Grace" -- which of course has Star Trek connotations.

Speaking of Trek, I got my copy of Into Darkness this week, but since I have my Amazon deliveries go to my DIL's office now, I didn't get it til Saturday. I watched the special features on the blu ray that night and started the movie but fell asleep before it ended -- I did see it in the theater at least and will watch again later.

After church, I did lunch with some friends -- and I wasn't the oldest this time. That was fun and it's good to get out socially, even if it's with people who aren't fans, lol.

I decided to use a fic I've been working on as my Ten in Ten, and post the next chapters/parts of it in the coming few days. I'm not sure if it will be complete by then but as I'm having no trouble rocking along with these fics every night, it shouldn't be long.

I've titled it "Turning Like the Sky" which will make sense eventually. In this first chapter, Reese takes Zoe up to the penthouse in the hotel, but things don't go as planned. This is going to be an agnsty fic, folks. Hope you enjoy.

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I had an easier time of things today. Though I didn't start writing until evening, I knew where I was going and the fic came easily. Not a first time, this one shows us Harold's more private reaction to the watch Logan Pierce gave John. This is just Harold's pov... I don't totally subscribe to the John willingly always submitting to Finch, but that he's glad to when it suits him and when it's good for Finch. On other occasions, if I were to continue this universe, I can see them taking turns, so to speak. Enjoy!

One Percent Genius...
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Whew... this is getting tricky. Today, I filled a prompt that's been on my mind for some time from the meme_of_interest:

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Okay, I am officially crazy. I'm going to try the ten in ten challenge Astolat put out there. I have several WIPs that I've been playing with so this first entry didn't take long to get together. It's "finished" in that it's the end of the first chapter of a longer work. I'll post the next scene/chapter tomorrow.

This is part two of my series, "Dark City" which follows on after the fic set back when Reese was working with Kara Stanton, but you don't need to read that one first. It's non-con (or dub-con depending on how you look at it) so if that's not to your liking, feel free to skip it. It doesn't affect what happens in this story. This one is set shortly after the pilot, while Reese is still trying to find things out about Finch, but he involves himself in another situation as well.

Head Games )