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Not much to talk about today. An ordinary Saturday where I didn't have anything specific to do and thus, didn't get a lot done. I did watch a colorized version of "Plan 9 from Outer Space" on Hulu. I hadn't seen the Worst Mostion Picture of All Time in a few years and when I saw it was available on Hulu, I thought I'd watch, not that I don't have a VHS copy somewhere around here. Then I noticed it was colorized. While some feel that colorization is a terrible thing to do to classic black and white films, I hardly think that tampering with the vision of a "great artist" like Edward D. Wood Jr by colorizing his film is any kind of sacrilege. Let me put it this way, colorizing the film didn't make it any better. The performances still suck as do the writing, the "special effects" and the plot still makes no sense whatsoever. Hearing a guy in his fifties who's playing an alien (denoted by his wearing a blue silky shirt with puffy sleeves over a pair of tights with black suede boots with tan laces) yell, "You stupid, stupid humans!" is just as hilarious when he's doing it in color. His partner, a woman alien in the same garb, except that her boots are made of tan leather, tries in vain to revive him after the army pilot, police lieutenant and one of the stupid cops, knock him down and set their space ship on fire, while the humans escape and apparently keep the earth safe from invasion. I'll always remember the Golden Turkey Awards description of the movie, how the authors called Tor Johnson, the gigantic police captain who gets killed early on in the movie and then is raised from the dead by the aliens, "the poor man's Sidney Greenstreet." Also, the fact that the film jumps back and forth between day and night and back again isn't improved by the colorization either. Yes, it's still the world's worst movie. Someday I'm going to locate my copy of the Golden Turkey Awards. It makes you want to watch terrible films.
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