aprilvalentine: (H50 Steve worried eyes)
I really should be posting more here, especially since this is the second day in a row that I've had trouble getting LJ to load. More and more issues are happening with that site, obviously.

Finally we are having some nice weather here in Balitmore. It's been horrible lately, as we've been locked in the north east's heat wave. High humidity has made it absolutely deadly to go outside, and even inside it's awful. Many air conditioners don't have the capacity to help the situation. Monday it stormed and finally broke the heat wave, at least temporarily. Today is really nice and I plan on venturing out since I have the day off.

It's difficult going places and doing things for me due to my old car not having air conditioning. It has it, actually, it just doesn't work. And since it's so old it doesn't seem worth it to pay to fix it, but this summer is so much hotter. I actually drive around with ice packs and have purchased a fan that plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet so that I don't have a heat stroke out there.

Let's hope that even though it's being predicted that it's going to get hot again this weekend, it won't be quite as bad as it's been lately.