aprilvalentine: (J/B WTF?)
Well, I strangely decided to look at an LJ I started awhile ago and haven't been posting to, the one I opened for my crafts posts: April's Kisses. I couldn't even find it at first, since I never added it to my links on my main page, so I had to scroll back through previous entries to find it. I found it and decided to try to post, which meant I had to log out from my main account on LJ. I didn't remember the password for April's Kisses... though I usually use the same one for most accounts, to help remember them. Anyway, I tried it and it didn't work. So I clicked on the "forgot password" link and did what it said, then checked my email looking for a post from LJ letting me know I could re-set the password. Well, much to my surprise, there was no email from LJ... not for resetting that password. But there were a ton of notifications that had gone missing for the last week or so, replies to comments and so-and-so uploaded a new userpic, etc. So I spent a few minutes reading through those, still not receiving a new password email from LJ. So I decided to go back to my my main account, April Valentine, to respond to some of the comments that had been responded to... and couldn't log back in. My password was apparently "incorrect." So, I once again clicked on the "forgot password" link and re-checked my email account. Lo and behold, there was a response from LJ this time. So I dutifutlly clicked on the link and "changed" my password and clicked "proceed." Argh! Now I get a notice that, due to log in failures, my IP is temporarily banned from logging in to LJ. WTF???

So that has brought me back here to rant about it. Of course, resetting my password here was a breeze, obviously. I should really be posting more here anyway, I suppose, though I don't post often enough these days anyway. Sigh. What's a fan to do??