aprilvalentine: (Zebra)
After writing the 10 fics in 10 days, I feel a little burned out here. And I don't have much to blog about tonight.

Today is September 20. It would be my dad's birthday. He died in 1980, but if he was alive, he'd be 100 today. His birthday's today, my ex husband's is next Friday and mine is the following Friday. We were all in a line, back then. I don't celebrate with my ex anymore, obviously. But I spoke to my son today and said I'd like to go out on my birthday and see that new Sandra Bullock/George Clooney movie, "Gravity" since it's opening on my birthday. So I think that's what we're going to do. I'm not into counting years or anything or having a big do, but going out with family is always nice.

I found out that the Person of Interest cast will be doing autographs at ComicCon -- and to get them you have to be selected in a lottery they are having on FB. You go to the ComicCon FB page and register on Sept. 25. I didn't even see their autograph sessions listed, but I think since they are special -- i.e. the lottery -- they must not have been listed. The big stars like John Barrowman and Shatner aren't on this lottery system. So that is making me feel a little stressed. I think if you don't get in the first time there's a "second chance" lottery. Sigh. It would be nice not to have to stand in a line for hours though, so I'm going to try. I'm not usually an autograph seeker but in this case, I would like to do it. It's not real easy to get a chance to say 'hi' to this cast. When I was watching them film back in March, I didn't approach Jim Caviezel, so if I do get in, it will be nice.

Off to bed to continue to rest up from the writing marathon.