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Yesterday I should have done my 30th day in my 30 Days of Blogging but I was feeling crummy at work and when I got home, just went straight to sleep. I woke up around 9:30 and went online a bit for chatting and then signed off with still some time left before midnight, but by then I'd developed a definite migraine.

I do plan to keep on posting regularly, perhaps as [personal profile] draycevixen suggested, three times a week. I'll be commenting on the new episodes of Person of Interest on either Tuesday nights after they air or the following day when I've had a chance to collect my thoughts as well as trying to find interesting stuff to blog about, whether its fandom or my RL activities, crafts or anything else that seems to be not too trivial

I've really enjoyed doing this, and I know that some of the time I didn't exactly blog but only posted a fic that I'd done, but hey... it was something, right?

It's Saturday and I haven't had much to do. I'm watching "BUtterfield 8" which Elizabeth Taylor won an Academy Award for, though she and Eddie Fisher hated the film. She plays a call girl or "slut" as she refers to herself, whose phone exchange is Butterfield 8, hence the title. Susan Oliver plays Liz's character's childhood friend, played by Eddie Fisher. I met Susan Oliver at Bi-Centenial-10 Convention in NYC in 1976. It was the first performance of the Omicron Ceti Three and we won a third prize trohpy for "You're My Home, Entereprise" to the tune of John Denver's "Country Roads" in the Costume Call. When we took the stage again to get our trophy -- to the applause of 5,000 fans in the ballroom, I might add, Susan Oliver who was one of the judges complemented us. "Your song lyrics were so sincere," she told me. And I replied, "Star Trek fans are very sincere about the show," or some such. Not why I'm watching the movie, it's just what's on TMC right now. Lawrence Harvey is all brooding and his wife is Dina Merrill, trying to deal with his clandestine love for Liz Taylor. But it did bring back that memory of meeting Susan Oliver.

Here's a little pic I thought I'd share. I think it proves that the phenomenon of photo bombing isn't a new thing after all.

 photo o-GEORGE-HARRISON-570_zps1d02625e.jpg