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Yesterday was Friday. I worked and got off at 2 p.m., picked up a few things from the store and came out to wait for the bus. I was hoping it would show up at 2:30 but it didn't. Nor did it come at 3 or 3:15. At that point, I got up and walked all the way down to the big intersection of Taylor Ave. and Loch Raven Blvd. I'd been hungry for pizza and decided to get one from the new place I'd tried last week. I ordered a personal pizza with bacon and mushrooms, an order of fried zucchini and a slice of lemon meringue pie and by that time, I didn't feel like waiting for another bus so I just called a cab and went home.

I ate, took a short nap and then went online to the Rinch chat on the POI Discussion board. I was tired and left around 11:30 and went to bed fairly early.

And totally forgot to post for the day! That's another ADHD thing, completely forgetting something I'd planned to do, something I am actually trying to make a habit of doing. I didn't remember until I got up today but have been trying to get a few things done around the house, not entiredly successfully, but I'm trying.

So, not much to say but just wanted to put this entry in so I'll have a full thirty posts for thirty days, even if this one wasn't on time. It's the weekend though and I am glad about that!
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I just had to have my season two set on the day it came out. I started seeing Tumblr posts about the gag reel in the morning and didn't want to have to see it online, but from my very own set. I headed to work a bit early to be able to pick up my set. That's what I did last year too. I would have ordered from Amazon, but figured that I could use my employee discount to save 10% on the boxed set. However, much to my dismay, we didn't get the Blu-ray set, only the regular dvds! That would have been fine last year since I didn't have a blu-ray player then. Ian and Stacey got me one for Christmas last year so I planned on getting the season two set since, for not much more money, you also get the dvds and uv set.

I dithered a bit, nearly buying the plain dvds, then walked all the way around to Target before work started. I only had fifteen minues by then and had to rush. But Target didn't have season two at all! Rushing back, I phoned Ian who understood the problem immediately and he said he'd come by the store to pick up my credit card and go get the set for me at Best Buy while I was at work. So, when he picked me up at ten, he had it for me!

I love having it. The show is sharp and clear and beautiful. The first thing I watched was the gag reel and it's a bit longer than last year's with a number of funny clips. TPH and JC on the bridge filming their scene after Reese gets out of Rikers in Prisoner's Dilemma. TPH says, "Jesus, can you make the wind stop blowing?" KC and JC "exercising" between shots -- actually Jim is doing push ups and Chappy is hunched over his back as if seated on him, also going up and down in time to Jim's push ups. (Chappy's butt looks pretty big in this shot, lol.) And my favorite was ME cursing out a driver who honked in the middle of the rainy scene with Reese, Finch and Bear coming out of the movies. Whatever he said is bleeped, but he goes on to also yell, "Thank you, very much." There are even a couple bloopers with Bear!

I also watched the commentary on "God Mode." My plan for today was to re-watch it and take notes but I didn't get around to it. They talk a lot of course about things we don't find quite as important, like which staff members are doing "cameos" in the episode. I'd prefer, of course, for them to speak directly about the characters' motivations and relationships, but they did say a few things that were interesting in that regard. They mentioned Reese's reaction to Finch having created the virus, how it would have been "easy" to have them on the outs for season 3 but they felt it was more in character and less cliched to do it the way they did -- thank goodness -- and I agree. They mention several times that they had other scenes or dialogue in certain scenes that would have fleshed things out more and I only wish we could have seen them or read them somewhere. But the one that really surprised me the most was when we see Finch injured after the ferry boat explosion: "This explains how Finch got his injuries -- or some of his injures." Yes, from
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I went to our Maryland State Fair on Saturday with my good friend, [profile] tiranog and of course we spent a lot of time talking about Reese and Finch attending such a fair, what would bring them there, what they'd be wearing and how they'd react to the rides, the food and everything. This fic is the result.

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Well, I got home from work, totally wasted as usual. I can barely move when I get out of there lately and it really gets to me, even only doing four hours. And I was so tired I just vegged out on the couch and finally realized it was already after midnight. I then spent awhile trying to upload some pics to photobucket, which took time since my Firefox and it don't get along. Finally switched to using Safari and that went better. So here, instead of an actual word post, is a nice little pic I made, Reese symbolically protecting Finch.

 photo picstitch_zps94896d42.jpg
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On the POI Discussion Forum, there has been a lot of discussion about how the "Core Four" are the center of the show and how the addition of new characters could lessen the importance of the original cast members, mainly Carter and Fusco. I have always felt that the term "core four" is a fanon title, never used by the show runners. Never have all four characters appeared in a scene together or worked a case totally together except for "Til Death" this season and they weren't all in the same room at once in that one either. [profile] mamahub posted that she feels the show really has a "core duo" in Reese and Finch and that the rest of the show revolves around them. I agreed. Several posts ensued saying that other actors could come in, play other characters and the premise of the show would survive. I felt this was a fallacious argument to try to prove there isn't a core four. Why say the two leads aren't necessary to refute that claim? Why not say, "no the other two are equally important?" Anyway, after a post or two, I was asked the following:

* What makes Reese and Finch core?
* Are they core simply because they are Reese and Finch or are they core because they occupy positions that are essential to the premise of the show according to the introduction?
* What is essential to the mission now? The person of Reese and Finch or the positions they hold?

Here's what I answerd. I thought it would make a good post about how I feel about the show and the characters.

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I posted this yesterday on my lj, forgetting that I'd need to post it manually here since it didn't originate on DW.

I'd always wanted to see some of Michael Emerson's artwork and someone posted some the other day on Tumblr. He was an illustrator before going back into the acting profession and I wondered what his style was. Seems it was black and white and... eery!

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The main thing I want to do with this post is to spread the word about a great new comm for Reese/Finch fans: Rinchy Safenest
The mod is [profile] tiranog and she's a fannish veteran, like me, who's fallen hard for POI and Reese and Finch. The comm looks beautiful and I'm hoping lots of fans will join and start to participate!

Also, there's a new comm for POI on DW: Point Of Interest Chat.
This one is moderated by [personal profile] orockthro and [profile] sarcastarista. It's already shaping up to be really fun!
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I have been planning on starting my own 30 Days of Blogging to keep the interest going for fans on this platform for awhile and as usual, just don't work as efficiently as I used to. But here I am at last, with a post saying I'm going to post every day for the next 30.

I'll be posting about POI, about writing, about playing with Photoshop and other fun free photo apps, and about other fan activities. I'll try to have really substantive content.

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