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I woke up with this fic half written in my head after I spent most of last night torturing myself by reading more fan reviews -- never has any ep been so universally hated on -- and then finding promo pics and an extended preview and then this video on CBS Press.com.

Not only does it show clips from the coming ep with Root, Fusco, Shaw and Finch and Reese, but it has interviews with Plageman and ME, JC, a KC. And Plageman keeps talking about how the grief will cause a "rift" between "these friends" -- he doesn't specify if it's between the whole team or if it's between Reese and Finch, but well... considering the earlier retconning... there you go.

So with that in mind, I wrote a fix-it fic, or rather a preemptive fix it for the next episode. Don't read if you don't do spoilers, obviously. It's rinch, plenty angsty and I need feedback if you're up to it.

The Devil's Due

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