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Darn! I completely forgot to set my dvr to record the Emmy's. When Ian came to pick me up from work he said that Carried Preston was a presenter! She'd won an Emmy for her guest starring performance on The Good Wife last week at the creative arts Emmys. Bob Newhart did too, and Ian said that he got to present too, with Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon. I figured they might show Carrie Preston and I'd really wanted to watch them when I got home. Shoot. Well, I guess I'll see some of them on YouTube soon.

I finally got to see Richard Burgi's performance on "Devious Maids." He's in episode 4, "Making the Bed" where he plays the brother of Susan Lucci's character, who romanced their maid 20 years ago and then dumped her to marry a rich woman. Now he's divorced and back for a visit, but she's too smart for him this time. Richard plays another not so lovable cad -- wish he wasn't so type cast in these kinds of roles. And he didn't even take his shirt off!

So the "Devious Maids" marathon kept recording but no Emmys. Sigh. At least I've probably got the episode where Brett Cullen is naked.

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24/9/13 18:35 (UTC)
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Youtube probably has all the Emmy stuff you want to see.