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Well, I survived the Ten in Ten Challenge and today I don't have to write a fic! I really enjoyed doing it and it's gotten me moving on a few of my WIPs that I had lying around.

Here's a break down of the fics I did for it:

Head Games -- some of this one was already written, but I had to work out the action scene after Reese heard the woman screaming.
word count: 1987

Somewhere Between -- the sequel to "Head Games" that takes Reese into a weird place under the NY city streets where he finds some kind of cult.
word count: 2276

Back Rub -- from a prompt on the Meme-of-interest. The longest one I wrote and totally from scratch!
word count: 3259

God Mode Drabble This was my weak spot... I guess after writing "Back Rub" in one fell swoop, I not only couldn't think of a cool title, I couldn't write the next night except to do this little drabble.
word count: 100

Finch's Hobby -- this was from a suggestion from [profile] mamahub. We had just watched "Risk" on the Discussion Forum's summer re-watch chat party and she said she was wondering about whether Finch did the alterations on Reese's suits himself and if so, where he worked on them.
word count: 2233

One Percent Genius... -- Finch's pov and he's not very happy about the watch Logan Pierce gave Reese.
word count: 2312

Turning Like the Sky -- three chapters of a WIP. The first was mostly complete before I posted it, but the other two were completely written for the challenge. I know where it's going so it should be finished soon. Maybe 2 or 3 more chapters to go.
word count: 6954

Bear Knows Best -- instead of doing another chapter of "Turning Like the Sky" I went for fluff. [personal profile] esteefee wanted a happy Bear fic where he "accidentally" gets Reese and Finch together, so that's what I wrote!
word count: 3961

That all adds up to 23,082 of written and posted words in ten days! Only a couple thousand were already written too. So I feel extremely prolific. I used to be able to pour on the steam and just write like this but it's been years. Not having a zine deadline has made me lazy... and I've never entred a big bang for the reason that I wasn't sure I could do it, but I guess this means I could.

I wrote angst, UST, fluff, first time, established relationship, mystery, and humor. Wow. This was fun! Draining, but fun.
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