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Well, I'm half way through the 30 day challenge and hanging on by my fingernails with this 10 in 10 challenge. Fell asleep last night before I got this posted but I don't feel I'm cheating, lol. Just a little Reese POV drabble from God Mode today:

"You know almost everything that’s happening and you won’t tell me the one thing I need."

I hear Shaw saying something about taking me to the funny farm, but she’s not important. Nothing is, but him. And again, you won’t help me. I said if she calls, don’t answer. But he answered. Sent me to Thornhill’s… to have me arrested to keep me away. But it won’t work and he knows it. He has his reasons. I know that. I trust that. I trust him -- Don't know what this is doing to me? Dammit,help me find him!
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