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I looked at Yidio both online on my laptop and also downloaded the app for it on my iPad last night, thinking I might be able to find some shows that weren't on HuluPlus, without having to pay for another service like Netflix or something else. What a crock. First, when you download the app, apparently you don't watch the shows via Yidio itself, but always have to download another player which you could have just downloaded in the first place. For example, to watch a past ep of General Hospital, I had to download the ABC app. No big deal, fine. But they advertized they had the 2009 version of The Prisoner with Jim Caviezel and I really have wanted to see that. Looking at the listing on Yidio, I could see that some eps were both free and on iTunes for purchase, others just for purchase on iTunes. I thought I'd try the first ep which apparently was both on something called "Crackle," another player, and iTunes. So I downloaded Crackle. It's difficult to work in the first place -- you'd think if you selected a show on Yidio and it switched you to another app, then that show would play without having to search for it, but no. So I had to type in The Prisoner on Crackle too.

But get this -- instead of showing me what they totally had listed as the J. J. Abrams 2009 version of The Prisoner with Jim Caviezel, what played was a lovely sharp rendition of the original 1960s version with Patrick McGoohan! I tried twice, thinking maybe I'd clicked on the wrong version, but no. Sure, it would be great to revisit that old show that's a classic, but that's not what I wanted to watch. WTF? I suppose if I go to iTunes and pay I'd get the actual show I wanted to see. Hmph. Maybe I'll get a 1960s ep of General Hospital next time too.

Tried to contact Yidio since there's no way to contact stupid "Crackle" and had to send Yidio an email. I'll have to wait to see if/when they respond. What a waste of time and space on my iPad, as far as I'm concerned. Other shows also have to be either paid for or use another app, so as far as I can see, all Yidio does is tell you what's on tv right now (which you can find out from looking at your tv) and show you shows that are all available online somewhere, many of which you have to pay for but that isn't clear until you click on them. They have no way to organize the types of shows by genre or network, as Hulu does, or even the way Amazon Prime does, and they want you to "link" your Amazon Prime account to them for some reason -- why would I bother doing that when I can just use my Amazon Prime account in the first place? Do they need to know what I'm watching on every app or service I have? Really stupid, IMHO.

If anyone knows how this is supposed to work or has had another, better experience with it, let me know. Otherwise, I'm thinking it was a pointless exercise to download it and register.